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Speech Therapy In Dehradun

Blooming words speech therapy in Dehradun is proud to announce that we are one of the most trusted Speech Therapy centers in our country. We have served thousands of people, including children and adults. The speech therapy center in Dehradun has a team of well-experienced, qualified, and dedicated Speech therapists who ensure that they serve people with a smile on their faces and spread happiness.

India is a country that holds the second highest position in terms of population in the world, and the rate of disabilities is also high. If we talk about speech disability, it is the fifth highest type of disability according to the 2011 census. So, the need for a speech therapy center arises. And Blooming word is working towards achieving the described target. We have various branches, and one of them is the Speech Therapy center in Dehradun.

Speech and communication disorders include speech delays, autism, hearing loss, Down syndrome, stammering, voice disorders, etc. These issues can be congenital or may arise gradually in due course of time or suddenly in cases of injury or by any damage caused to the brain.

Our exceptional team at Speech Therapy in Dehradun comprises Speech therapists, well-experienced Speech Language pathologists (SLP), and occupational therapists, supported by dedicated management staff.

The Speech Therapy Center in Dehradun employs the best and most diverse Speech Therapists in the country. Speech Language Pathologists (SLP)undergo constant training with the latest techniques to remain updated and aware of the recent advancement in treatment and technologies. 

Why Is Speech Therapy Required? 

Speech disorders or communication disorders can occur in childhood or adulthood. Such disorders are 'primary' if they have no known etiology. They are 'secondary' if caused by conditions such as autism, hearing impairment, developmental, emotional, or neurological impairment. Both types of disorders are treated by Speech therapists in Dehradun. A primary speech disorder and a language disorder in children commonly overlap and hence need to be identified correctly and timely. 

Primary speech disorders can affect the following areas: Phonology, vocabulary, morphology, narrative skills, and grammar. These speech disorders can affect children, their education, school achievements, and their careers. Speech Therapy in Dehradun focuses on the treatment of the child depending on their age and needs. We treat patients either individually or in groups. Group treatment is more beneficial as children get to interact and learn from each other.

Firstly, the Speech Therapist evaluates the person and tries to identify the type of communication or speech disorder, the severity, and treatment to provide aid efficiently. Therapy provided by Speech Therapy Center in Dehradun can help treat various disorders like articulation error, fluency, Stammering, resonance, receptive, cognitive-communication, apraxia, and dysarthria. The Speech Therapy Clinic in Dehradun ultimately focuses on the treatment of a wide range of speech difficulties that alters an individual’s ability to vocalize and in turn develops an art of great communication. 

Characteristics of Speech Therapy in Dehradun 

1. Quality service

The speech therapy clinic in Dehradun promote excellence in speech and language through our world-class services, uniqueness, updated knowledge, tools and technologies, ethical consideration, leadership, and a committed network of staff. 

2. Accessibility

Speech Therapists in Dehradun are accessible through phone calls, networking, mail, and other networks. One can easily approach our Speech Therapy clinic in Dehradun by any means of transportation. Not only in the city, people living in rural or remote areas can also access Speech Therapy in Dehradun services all the time. 

3. Holistic approach

Speech Therapy in Dehradun not only focus on a single disorder of the person, but whatever intervenes in the treatment, we provide a holistic solution. Speech Therapists in Dehradun ensure to provide mental, emotional, and social fitness to the client. 

4. Commitment

Speech Therapists in Dehradun are deeply committed to their work and service. They put their best foot forward in providing services to the patients and give assurance of a speedy and timely recovery. 

5. Ethics

Honesty, integrity, loyalty, and ethics are the supportive pillar of our speech therapy center in Dehradun. All these components together give the best outcome in our work that leads to our success and trust among people. 

Various Types Of Speech And Language Disorder

Articulation disorders- in articulation disorder, there is a distortion of certain sounds, such as the "S" sound and "R" sound. People with this disorder lack coordination of their lips, tongue, mouth, teeth, and lungs. This kind of disorder will make speech unclear and difficult to understand and affects socialization. It is also known as a functional speech disorder. Four types of articulation disorders are exhibited. They are Addition, Omission, Substitution, and Distortion. People suffering from such disorders may struggle with confidence, get frustrated, avoid speaking in front of people, and will become quiet. We at Speech therapy in Dehradun deal effectively with such disorders. 

1. Fluency disorders (Stuttering)

This condition involves a developmental delay of speech or an inherited condition or a sign that your child's brain coordination is lacking in performing the activities and functions involved with speech. Also, the flow and rhythm of the speech are interrupted while speaking. Language development, structure, and function of the brain, or any genetic factor can cause the disorder. You can avail the cure for the such disorder at the Speech Therapy Center in Dehradun. 

2. Receptive Language disorders

Speech Therapists in Dehradun are experts in handling such disorders. Receptive disorders are characterized by a problem with the understanding and processing of the words pronounced or said by others.

It's equally important for a child to understand a spoken language along with expressing his language. Misunderstanding words, asking the other person to repeat, and turning out when people talk are all signs and symptoms of Receptive language disorder. Disorders such as autism are considered one major cause of receptive disorders. 

3. Expressive Language disorders

In this type of speech or language disorder, a person may have difficulty in conveying or expressing their thoughts and information in speech, gesture, or even in writing. 

4. Aphasia

Aphasia occurs suddenly after a stroke or any injury caused to the brain by an accident, tumor, or disease which disturbs the person's ability to communicate, express, and understand language or speech. Speech Therapy in Dehradun is the ultimate solution to this kind of speech disorder. 

5. Dysarthria

Dysarthria occurs because muscle weakness in the lips, mouth, tongue, or jaws is too weak to form words. These include traumatic brain injury or any damage to the nervous system. Slurred speech, nasal sounds, and very loud or hoarse voices can describe dysarthria.

7. Apraxia

This is sometimes also called apraxia of speech, or verbal apraxia. It is a problem associated with the motor coordination of the brain. In this situation, a person has trouble saying what they want to say correctly and consistently. It results from dysfunction of the cerebral hemispheres in the brain. It occurs due to disease or some damage caused to the brain by injury or accident. In childhood apraxia of speech, a child is unable to make accurate movements while speaking. Speech Therapy Clinic in Dehradun works towards the treatment of such disorders at their best.

8. Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Both Children and adults can suffer from this type of speech disorder. It results from abnormal movement patterns of the face and mouth that can develop due to irregular bones and muscle development of the face and mouth area or due to some unknown reasons. People with orofacial myofunctional disorders may have trouble performing essential day-to-day activities like eating, talking, breathing, swallowing, or drinking.

9. Selective mutism

The speech therapy clinic in Dehradun overcomes such disorders of people. Selective mutism is also a kind of speech and communication disorder when a person who is capable of speaking tends to fail to in front of people or might develop some sort of fear in front of others. It is a complex anxiety disorder that inhibits the tendency of a child to speak and communicate effectively. If not treated on time might become severe in the future.

Causes And Diagnosis Of Speech Disorders

The causes of speech and language disorders may include brain injury, physical impairment of cleft palate, vocal cord misfunctioning, nervous system disorders, hearing loss, strokes, muscle and respiratory weakness, autism, and severe cases of oral cancer. Depending on the cause and seriousness of the condition, a Speech therapist in Dehradun may suggest treatment of two types. First, include therapy exercises to familiarize me with words, vowels, and sounds. The second type is physical exercise which helps strengthen the vocal muscles.

Speech therapists can recommend tests based on the requirement and severity of the speech-language disorder. Some of the tests that the doctor can recommend are as follows:

1. Peabody picture vocabulary test

In this test, a person's vocabulary and his/her ability to speak are evaluated by the therapist. The patient is asked to carefully listen to the words pronounced then therapists ask some questions which describe them or their qualities either with the help of pictures or manually.

2. Denver Articulation Screening Exam

 This test is also abbreviated as DASE. It is especially beneficial for children in the age group 2-7. It deals with the evaluation of clarity in pronunciation which in turn diagnose articulation disorder.

3. Early language milestones scale 2

This test identifies language disorders and any signs of speech delay. Speech Therapists at Dehradun are experts in performing these tests perfectly. Although, the treatment and recovery vary from the type of disorder to the severity of the condition. Speech and language disorders can also lead to some other serious concerns, such as embarrassment, anxiety, or depression. If these cases prevail, speech therapies have to be merged with some other treatments, exercise sessions and talk therapy.

Why Visit Blooming Words Speech Therapy Center In Dehradun?

  • Speech Therapist in Dehradun has the most advanced knowledge, instruments, and technologies that they use for their patients. 

  • Therapists try their best to reduce or eliminate these types of speech disorders along with the overall well-being of the person. Treatments start with a deep conversation with the patient to identify the cause of underlying conditions and provide the best solution for them.

  • Speech therapy is one of the best mental and physical therapy options which improve speech functions, voice, language and communication abilities, and other related issues. The speech therapy center in Dehradun is one of this kind.

  • Speech-language pathologists and the Best Speech Therapist in Dehradun are available all weekdays to serve you with the best.

Speech Therapy Center In Dehradun: FAQs

Q1. For how much time duration speech therapy needs to be continued at Speech Therapy Clinic in Dehradun?

Ans. The amount of time a person takes for treating speech disorders depends on their age, the severity of the disorder, and medical conditions.

Q2. How can I fix an appointment with the Speech language pathologist at your speech therapy center in Dehradun?

Ans. You can fix an appointment by phone call or can find the details on our official website.

Q3. My child is ten years, and he often stammers. Can Speech Therapy in Dehradun help him to recover?

Ans. Yes, we offer the best Speech Therapy in Dehradun. Our therapists will communicate with your child and provide the treatment accordingly.

Q4. Do you perform somebody's tests during Speech Therapy in Dehradun?

Ans. For Speech Therapy in Dehradun, we use some physical tests and various techniques according to the patient's condition.

Q5. What are the charges for speech therapy in Dehradun per session?

Ans. The charges vary according to your treatment, but all our therapies are budget-friendly. You can visit a Speech therapy clinic in Dehradun for complete price details.

Q6. Does blooming Words’ also have a Speech Therapy clinic in Dehradun?

Ans. Yes, Blooming Words have a fully equipped Speech Therapy clinic in Dehradun.

Q7. What are the qualifications of Speech Therapists in Dehradun?

Ans. The best Speech Therapist available at blooming words Speech Therapy clinic in Dehradun are degree holders, qualified, and experienced in their fields.

Q8. How can I contact speech therapy in Dehradun?

Ans. You can contact the speech therapist in Dehradun by visiting our official website or dialing our office phone number.

Q9. Does Speech Therapy in Dehradun provide home therapies also?

Ans. Depending on the health and medical conditions of the patients, we decide on the therapy session accordingly.