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Speech Therapy For Kids

Speech therapy is used to assess and treat communication problems and speech disorders. Speech therapists who perform speech therapy are also known as speech-language pathologists. Speech therapy is used to improve the communication abilities of a person. These include language intervention activities, articulation therapy, and others depending on the type of speech disorder.

The need for speech therapy for kids arises for people with speech disorders or speech impairments either in childhood or in adults caused by an injury or in less such as a brain injury.

Blooming words speech therapy is one of the best speech therapy clinic for kids. 

We have thousands of satisfied customers, including kids and adults. Our team consists of well-experienced, qualified, and dedicated speech therapists. The high rate of disabilities in India leads to the need for speech therapy clinic for kids. 

Speech disabilities are the fifth highest type of disability according to the 2011 census in India. Some speech communication disorders are speech delays, autism, hearing loss, Down syndrome, voice disorders, stammering, etc.

Need Speech Therapy For Kids

Speech disorders are mainly characterized into two. 'Primary disorders' have no known reason, and it is unclear where the speech disorder stemmed from. 'Secondary disorders' are caused by autism, hearing impairment, and developmental, emotional, or neurological impairment. Both can be treated in a speech therapy centre for kids.

Primary speech disorders can affect the child's phonology, vocabulary, morphology, narrative skills, and grammar, affecting their education, achievements, and career. Speech therapy centre for kids focuses on the child's treatment depending on the age or need. Speech therapists don't only work with a child to correctly pronounce words. A speech therapist for kids might work with an autistic child on a wide range of skills, including:

  • Speech Articulation - By oromotor exercises of facial muscles and lip, the way a child moves their mouth while saying certain words and sounds.

  • Communication includes teaching gestural communication or training with PECS, electronic talking devices, and other non-verbal communication tools.

  •  Comprehension-The speech therapist captures the child's attention in functional language activities involving cognition and social interaction.

  • Speech Pragmatics- Building social relationships through the use of speech.

  • Conceptual skills- Teaching kids the concept of big and small, left and right, color concepts, body parts, and yes and no.

  • Conversation skills- Sentence elongation, parallel talk, self-talk, situational talk.

Types Of Speech Disorders

Many speech disorders come under two types, primary and secondary. While primary disorders don't have a clear cause, secondary disorders emerge for a particular reason. 

Some of these different speech disorders are as follows:

1. Articulation disorders

In articulation disorders, certain sounds like S or R are distorted. The people suffering from this are affected by the lack of coordination of lips, tongue, mouth, teeth, and lungs,  making speech unclear and challenging to understand. This results in a lack of socialization and confidence and may also degrade the child's mental health. As a result, such kids may refuse to talk. The speech therapy centre for kids works effectively to curb this problem.

2. Fluency Disorders 

Fluency disorders like stuttering are caused due to a developmental delay of speech or an inherited condition or assign that a child's brain coordination is lacking in performing the activities and functions involved with speech. The speech therapy centre for kids works effectively to curb this problem.

3. Receptive language disorders

People suffering from receptor language disorders have a problem understanding and processing the words pronounced or said by others. Due to this, kids have trouble expressing themselves and understanding other people. The speech therapy centre for kids is well-versed in dealing with kids with this disability.

4. Expressive language disorder

It is a speech and language disorder. Kids suffering from this disorder may have difficulty conveying or expressing their thoughts and information through gestures, speech, or even writing. To help such kids, the speech therapy centre for kids works tirelessly.

5. Aphasia 

occurs after a stroke, an injury to the brain, or a disease that disturbs the person's ability to communicate, express, and understand language or speech. The speech therapy clinic for kids is the ultimate resolve.

6. Dysarthria

Dysarthria is due to muscle weakness in the mouth, lips, tongue, or jaw being too weak to form words. Any injury causes it to the brain. The speech therapy centre for kids is keen on helping people with these disorders.

7. Apraxia

This problem is associated with the brain's motor coordination. The person may have to be saying what we want to say correctly and consistently, which results from this function of the cerebral hemispheres in the brain. Speech therapy clinic for kids are working towards the treatment of such disorders are the best.

8. Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders 

Irregular muscle development of the face and mouth area can lead to this type of speech disorder in both adults and kids.   People with this speech disorder may have trouble eating, talking, breathing, swallowing, or drinking.

9. Selective mutism

The speech therapy clinic for kids works hard to overcome such disorders. It is a kind of speech and communication disorder when a person who is capable of speaking tends to fail in front of people or might is some fear in front of others.

What Happens During Speech Therapy For Kids?

A Speech therapy for kids session usually begins in a small group or one-on-one, depending on the speech disorder. Speech therapy exercises vary according to your child's needs, age, and disorder. During speech therapy for kids, the SLP may interact with the kids by talking and playing and introducing books, pictures, and other objects in language intervention which will help stimulate language development. It teaches them the correct sounds and syllables during age-appropriate play. Provide homework for the child and caregiver and provide strategies on how to do speech therapy for kids at home.

Diagnosing Speech Disorders

Correct Diagnosing a speech disorder is necessary to provide proper care and education. Depending on the cause and seriousness of the speech disorder, a speech therapist might either include therapy exercises to familiarize them with words, vowels, and sounds or physical activity which helps strengthen the vocal muscles. We might also recommend some tests based on the requirement and severity of the Speech language disorder. Some of those tests are as follows:

1. Peabody picture vocabulary test

This test evaluates a person's vocabulary and ability to speak. The patient is asked to listen carefully to the words in this test. The therapist then asks some questions which describe them or the qualities either with the help of pictures or manually.

2. Denver articulation screening exam

It is helpful for kids in the age group of 2-7 years. It evaluates the clarity in pronunciation which diagnoses articulation disorder.

3. Early language milestones scale 2

This test is used to identify language disorders and any signs of speech delay. The treatment and recovery vary from the disorder type to the condition's severity. Due to speech and languages disorder, some severe concerns may also arise in patients, like anxiety and depression. In such cases, speech therapies must be combined with other treatments like exercise sessions and talk therapy.

Why Choose Blooming Words Speech Therapy For Kids?

Blooming words speech therapy clinic for kids helps kids and adults suffering from speech and language disorders. Trusted by thousands of customers, blooming words speech therapy clinic for kids provides the best speech therapist for kids. It is the best speech therapy clinic for kids that gives speech therapy for kids. Some traits of a speech therapist for kids from Blooming Words are:-

1. Polite, likable, and friendly

The speech therapist for kids at blooming words spends most of the time working and interacting with patients and their caregivers regularly. We have a very compassionate nature and are close to our families and friends. Our therapists invest the time to get to know the patients, understand them, and help them accordingly.

2. Patient

Our speech therapists for kids are very patient with people. Since our clients are coming for speech therapy, we know they must have trouble explaining themselves. Speech therapy is a process that might go on for a long time, so the speech therapist for kids celebrates each milestone, energizing and encouraging the patients.

3. Creative

A speech therapist for kids has to be creative, as only a complete speech therapy manual works sometimes. Each technique depends on the needs of the client. Methods that were very effective on one client might not be suitable for another. Therapists have to tailor each therapy according to the client. While working with kids, we have to be fun to capture their attention. The treatment needs to be enjoyable.

4. Organized

A speech therapist for kids is very organized as we have many cases due to being in high demand. The information about each of the clients is kept safely with them. We arranged it in such a way as to maximize efficiency.

5. Eager to learn

A speech therapist for kids is keen to learn more and sharpen his skills to discover new approaches to therapy. We know whenever we can and from whatever situation. We then put these new learnings into practice assessing the outcomes and fine-tuning them to get maximum results.

Speech Therapy For Kids: FAQs

Q1. Is speech therapy for kids effective?

Ans. Yes, speech therapy for kids has been proven to be effective. The speech therapist who takes the sessions evaluates each child's need and then tailor the treatment according to them. Given enough time, speech therapy for kids can effectively treat speech and language disorders.

Q2. How long does speech therapy for kids session last?

Ans. Since every child has different needs, every therapy session is made to fit their needs according to age, the severity of the condition, and health. Each child requires an additional amount of attention and exercises that will help him.

Q3. How long should my child go for this speech therapy for kids sessions?

Ans. The time a patient takes for treatment varies from child to child. Hence speech therapy for kids sessions differs too.

Q4. What are the charges for a speech therapy for kids session at Blooming Words Speech Therapy Centre for Kids?

Ans. The charges vary according to the patient's treatment, but all the charges for a therapy session are reasonable and budget-friendly. For the total price and details, visit Blooming Words Speech Therapy Centre for kids.

Q5. Are tests performed during speech therapy for kids sessions?

Ans. Some physical tests and various techniques are used for a therapy session to diagnose the patient correctly.

Q6. My son has down syndrome, can speech therapy for kids help him?

Ans. Yes, blooming words provides the best speech therapy for kids. The therapists will communicate with the child and treat him according to his condition.

Q7. Does blooming words have speech therapy for the kids clinic?

Ans. Yes, Blooming Words does have speech therapy for kids clinic.

Q8. How can I contact speech therapy for kids?

Ans. You can contact Blooming Words for speech therapy sessions for kids by visiting the official website or dialing the office number.

Q9. Does speech therapy for kids provide home therapies also?

Ans. Depending on the health and medical conditions of the patients, a session can be organized at home, but blooming words decides on it.