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To ensure a worthwhile treatment for your bundle of joy, we have brought together a team of experts who give their 100% and approach every issue scientifically and systematically. An environment with homely warmth caters to a speedy recovery.

It is rightly said that nobody on earth can love you as much as your parents. It is extremely hurtful for parents to watch their beloved child suffer. Since the parents, especially mothers, play a vital role in speech training, or say development of a child’s entire being, we advise the mothers of such kids to attend our training and counselling sessions.

Speech And Language Therapy Center for

  • Child Aphasia
  • Down Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Birth Asphyxia

To make individuals with communication problem realize their potential and nurture them to have basic communication skills in order to enhance their quality of life and to make them communicate independently for their basic needs.

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Our Services

Blooming words Speech And Language Therapy Center

Aba Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis is standard golden treatment for Autism Children. It can improve social, communication, reading and learning skills through positive reinforcement and task analysis.

Language Therapy

Language therapy addresses children with delays or disorders in the following areas: Listening Skills, Grammar Skills, Vocabulary Skills, Question Skills, Social Language Skills (Pragmatics), Literacy/Book Skills,

Special Education Therapy

The world of special education is vast. It is designed for children who feel the struggle and fall behind in school. The reading and learning disorders make it difficult for the students to learn and understand things effortlessly.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Centre caters to individuals with communication needs and helps them develop the required communication skills to lead an independent life through best practices in education and training.

What Makes Us Best?

Experienced Therapist

Here at Bloomingwords Therapy TEAM, we have many highly experienced therapists

Free Consultation

Get recommendations instantly with our speech & language experts absolutely free

Multiple Center

We present the multiple-center for Speech And Language Therapy

Expertise in Treating

In the last 10 years, Ravindra kumar has successfully treated cases developmental delay.

Well Experienced Therapist

BloomingWords program designed to provide support, treatment, and care for kids who have difficulties with communicating and expressing themselves. We also offer support for Misarticulation, speech delay, stammering, swallowing problem, Cleft palate, voice disorder.

Ravindra kumar


Raj Kumar


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Blooming words Speech And Language Therapy Center